Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Announcing the January Sketch Challenge

'Tiny Treasures' pencil 5x5
This has been such a hectic week but I am determined to work in my daily sketch! Thank you to all of you who have joined me. I know we will challenge and inspire one another! I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow and will be away until January 17th. I have my sketchbook packed and I will be drawing everyday but most likely won't be posting. I am taking a cruise and the internet access is very slow and expensive. I really hate to take a break from my new blog but I will be back soon! In the meantime I want to invite you to January's challenge.....The theme is 'Something Tropical' and your challenge is to draw something tropical...use your imagination! At the end of the month I will post the directions for submitting your sketches and I will be posting them on the blog. I will follow up with more details but for now keep sketching!


  1. Oh my gosh, tropical! Its in the 20/30s here so this is really a challenge! We'll see what happens. Have a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing those vacation sketches upon your return. Be safe.

  2. I figured it would be good for most of us to find something to warm us up to draw! I hope to be back with lots of tropical sketches!

  3. Palms are my favourite...I'll have to dig out my photos from when I lived in South FLorida. Have a great is so cold here at the moment.

  4. Karen, I wish you a wonderful trip and lots of sketches...
    At this time, it's cold around here, so a tropical theme will warm me up.
    See you soon....

  5. Karen, I am so glad you came up with the "daily sketch"...and you are so right. Sketching really makes us see!