Saturday, January 1, 2011

Drawing Project Day 1

Happy New Year Everyone! I am off to a good start with my first sketch completed! Now I read somewhere that it takes 21 days of doing something for it to become a habit. I need to remember where I read that so I can give credit! So if we stick with the project for 20 more days we should be able to keep it going. It felt great to sit with my coffee and sketchbook and just draw. I used a 5x5 spiral sketchbook and a charcoal pencil. I thought I would draw my coffee mugs but I was not ready for the elipses! I definitely need to spend time working on them this year. So instead of my mug I chose a pear. I love painting pears and sketching one was fun too.
Whatever you decide to draw in your sketchbook today we will draw it again next December 31st. It will be fun to see how much we improve our drawing skills! Come back tomorrow for some book recommendations and my next drawing. Have fun!


  1. This is a lovely sketch Karen. I haven't used charcoal much recently - this inspires me to have a go again!

    Happy New Year. I'll be following your sketching!

  2. Hello Karen:
    Talk about a serendipitous happening! We met at the McKinley workshop in Hope Valley this past fall. I have been thinking about reviving my sketchbook habit that took a back seat this past year to other life changing events, like moving! In the hope of getting inspired by other artists, I set up a google search for sketching and lo and behold I landed on your blog.

    Since I moved I have had the intention of going about town and sketching all the wonderful buildings, sites, wildlife, vineyards and charming farms. And while there are few leaves on the trees in my next of the woods I decided to turn over a new leaf in the new year and get to work on my sketching.

    Today I wandered about and settled on sketching the charming "Arts Center" building located in Central Park. It is an old church converted into a gallery and haven for city arts activities.

    Sketching on a regular basis will also revitalize my languishing blog, since I plan to post my weeks worth of sketches as I go along. Happy to join your journey.

  3. Hi Marianne. I am so excited that you found me online! This sketch blog isn't my regular blog but I really needed a way to help me stick with my daily sketching goal so I am hoping the blog will help. I would like to make a blog list of other artists who are doing a sketchbook so let me know if you want me to add your blog. I hope you will visit here again. I have some fun ideas to keep us motivated. I would love to see your sketches too!
    It is great to hear from you!

  4. Thanks Elaine. I like a nice soft charcoal pencil but tomorrow I will try a pen drawing. :)

  5. Hi Karen, Lovely Pear and your Degas book looks interesting!!!! I love David Hockney’s coloured pencil travel sketches you know his work?

    Well, because of this blog I forced myself to do some sketches with my was pencils yesterday even though we were visiting family for New Year and had to travel two hours each way. I began with my wash pencils because of the benefit of line sketching then adding water to create a value type wash painting….I will migrate to just pencil sketching later when I have a bit more confidence with my pencil again (lol)….
    Do you want us to set up separate blogs....(or post on our own blogs) for our our daily sketches with a link back to this one? Not sure what you had in mind, but I think I will begin a separate blog for my daily sketches…. for better or worse… But I will wait until I hear back from you before I set it up in case you meant for us to post to this blog. …which would be a terrific place to view everyone's work. With my One Hundred Washes blog I have it set up so that only wash participants can post to the blog, but anyone can comment.

    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone who is participating and being inspired by everyone’s sketchbooks.

  6. Hi Karen,
    I have set up a separate blog from my regular art blog. …dedicated to sketching and a place to post my daily sketches to. I have included a link to your sketch blog twice in the sidebar. I will of course post to your blog too when and if the opportunity arises. Hope this is OK…

  7. Hi Maggie,
    Thank you and I just 'discovered' the Degas book on my own bookshelf. I bought it and never had a chance to read it! Thank you for asking more about how the blog will work. I haven't been very clear and since I have gotten a good response I need to be more specific. Look for more details in my post later today. I love your 100 washes blog!! Stay tuned and thanks for your support!