Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daily Drawings day 2 Cats

Today I decided to use a micron pen to sketch. No erasing and fussing with a pen. I like that I can just sketch and leave all of my lines. I wanted to draw my cats and I have 6 of them! One was running around the living room chasing a stray ornament and the rest were sleeping. I didn't think I wanted to tackle a running cat....yet so I opted for the cats at rest. Don't you just love when they curl up into little balls?
If you are thinking of joining the daily sketch project I have added details on the sidebar. I am hoping that you will join and post to your blogs and we can share links. I also plan to feature an artist each month as well as host a monthly challenge. I will be posting your challenge drawing here at the end of each month. So send me your blog links and if you don't have a blog...why not start one!


  1. Karen: What fun sketches of your critters! Since our move we have been pet less for the first time in years. Animals are such great life models. Obviously I need to fix our lack of fur bodies in this house. By the way, I took the liberty of adding your blog to my blogroll.

  2. I like those sketches...
    they are very free and expressive!
    I'm about to create my new "sketchbook 2011"
    blog in order to follow you in the project...

  3. Thanks Marianne,
    We have 6 cats...long story! But they are all wonderful. Thanks for adding my blog. I will be adding yours to mine too!

  4. Thanks Mariela. I can't wait to see your sketches. Let me know your blog address when you get it going!

  5. Karen, Just precious! We only have one cat now, so I envy you your six. We brought two back with us from the States a few years ago, and now only one remains...they are such dear little creatures. I like the simplicity of these sketches.
    I began a dedicated sketch blog on Jan 1st to post my daily drawings to...inspired by your project. Here is the URL:
    Not sure where I'm heading with my sketches, and I'm still thinking in 'paint'.... but I can only get better as the months go on. I love this kind of daily discipline...thanks once again for starting this.