Monday, January 24, 2011

Landscape Sketch

'North Georgia Landscape' 5x5
Today I was painting this North Georgia landscape from a black and white photo.
I decided to try a quick pencil sketch of the scene. Now I think I'd like to do another sketch and develop the Queen Anne's Lace more. I think that would be a fun challenge. When I paint them I am using big chunks of color to represent the 'lace'. With a pencil drawing I will try to get more detailed than I usually do in a painting.


  1. Can't wait to see the next stage of the painting and the additional more developed drawing. Do you think that artists with pastel painting experience approach sketching in a different way to those who do not?

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I think being more of a painter rather than a draftsman does have an effect on how I approach drawing. I am so use to thinking of things as shapes and masses and not lines so it is different to be able to draw lines! If that makes any sense!

  3. Karen: I'm with Maggie, looking forward to seeing how you develop this. Your wildflower paintings have such a freshness to them. Have you thought about doing a short video of your mark making? I know there are probably many out there who would love to see you "in action."

  4. I like very much your composition and perspective of that sketch.
    Waiting also to see the finished painting!

  5. I'm wondering??
    Where are you? Everything is ok??

  6. Hi Mariela,
    Thanks for asking. I am still here but I was very busy last week preparing for my workshop. I had 12 students here at my studio. I can finally take a breather and get back to my sketching!

  7. That is great!! I'm happy for you!!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Do you have a sketching challenge for us for Feb? I didn't get a tropical sketch done for Jan, but will hopefully rise to a Feb challenge! Sounds like you are really busy...12 students is awesome!