Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sample sketch from last year...a Value Study

I thought I'd share a sample sketch I did last year in preparation for a painting. I consider this a Value Study and I do these often before starting a painting. I like to do them with markers in three values of gray. I prefer the TomBow markers. I have a sketchbook that I uses for all of my value studies but I think I will now do them in my 'project sketchbook'. It would also be a good idea to add some notes about the painting I am planning.
This is just one idea for the sketchbook. I do plan to do more involved drawings. I can't wait to start!


  1. OK - Count me in. I've been saying I was going to draw everyday for almost two years, and I never make it past day 1!

  2. Great Elaine! We can keep each other on track!!! I can't wait to get started!